Telmo Marques


Telmo Marques, composer and pianist was born in 1963 in Oporto, Portugal. He attended the Porto Conservatory of Music where he studied piano and composition with Fernanda Wandschneider, Hélia Soveral, Fernando Lapa and Cândido Lima. He did further studies with Jean Martin, Carlos Cebro, Fernando Puchol, Paul Trein, Miguel Ribeiro Pereira and Robert Houlihan. He graduated in piano at the ESMAE, Portugal, and completed a Master of Arts in Music Education at the University of Surrey Roehampton, United Kingdom. He has taken part in many recordings of Portuguese artists as pianist, composer, arranger and producer. As a composer he has contributed to a wide range of music-theatre pieces, documentaries, and hundreds of commercials. He teaches music analysis, arrangement and composition techniques at the ESMAE.

Albums from Telmo Marques