Simão Costa


Simão Costa (1979-) is a Portuguese pianist, composer and transdisciplinary artist. He finished his piano training at the Lisbon Conservatory. Further music studies in ESML (Lisbon) and Codarts (Rotterdam). He views sound as a plastic, tangible, and physical material, exploring it in its musical, phenomenological, visual, and cultural dimension. His work spans composition, improvisation, coding, circuit bending, data sonification, and visual arts. He is a founding member and artistic director of MãoSimMão, with regular creative collaboration with Marta Cerqueira (Dança de Materiais Inertes), João Calixto (ISAsoundbox), Yola Pinto (YPSC_Transduction), Ana Trincão, Sónia Moreira (SAS Orkestra de Rádios).
He has been featured in individual and collective exhibitions since 2007 in the visual art scene, creating original sound tracks for dance, theatre and cinema since 2005, and creating and directing concerts, shows. His work is edited by Miso Records, SHHpuma, Cipsela records, 9musas / codax.