Sara Carvalho


Sara Carvalho is a Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Arts of the University of Aveiro, Portugal. She is a fellow researcher of Instituto de Etnomusicologia – Centro de Estudos em Música e Dança, and her research interests centre on the fields of composition and music education. Her works are regularly played around the World, including commissions by prestigious international institutions and ensembles and soloists of international merit, such as Mieko Kanno, Pedro Carneiro, Liviu Scripcaru, Marcel Worms, Pedro Rodrigues, Henrique Portovedo, Raquel Camarinha, Helena Marinho, Jorge Correia, David Loyd, Northen Symphonia, University of York Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Lontano, Black Hair, Remix Ensemble, Duque Quartet, Composers Ensemble, Capricorn Ensemble, Medea String Quartet, Ensemble Neue Musik Bratislava, OrquestrUtópica, Verge Ensemble, Performa Ensemble, Oficina Música Viva and GMCL. She is regularly invited to sit on the panel of experts of the European Commission to evaluate projects for Culture and Creative Europe programmes.