Pedro Junqueira Maia

Junqueira Maia

Born in Porto in 1971, Pedro Junqueira Maia began his musical studies in harmony and jazz piano with Manuel Beleza. He continued them with George Letellier, from whom he received his first lessons in composition and orchestration. Then he studied at the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts in Porto, where he worked with Cândido Lima, Álvaro Salazar, Filipe Pires and Virgílio Melo, having concluded his degree in Composition in Lisbon with Christopher Bochmann. With a musical oeuvre that includes chamber, solo, electronic, mixed and theatre music, his works aim at the integration between improvised and strictly written elements. Simultaneously to his activity ascomposer, he has founded the Atelier de Composição, an association with which he has edited several publications, as well as organized concerts, conferences, exhibitions and various gatherings with and about contemporary Portuguese composers.

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