Nuno da Rocha

da Rocha

Nuno da Rocha studied Composition with Vasco Mendonça, Carlos Marecos, Luís Tinoco, Carlos Caires and António Pinho Vargas. During the summer of 2009, he participated in the ‘19th internationale sommerakademie09’ in Austria, where he worked with the composer Nigel Osborne, the conductor Michael Wendeberg and the widely recognized contemporary musical group ‘klangforum wien’. In February 2010, he took part of the ‘16th young composers meeting’ in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) with the ‘de ereprijs’ orchestra. This meeting was directed by Louis Andriessen, Richard Ayres, Martijn Padding, Jan van de Putte, Micheal Smetanin and Helena Tulve. He won the 3rd prize of the Antena2/RTP Composition Contest 2012 with the piece “O que será do rio without John Cage?” for baroque orchestra. He was one of the selected composers to the TENSO Young Composers Workshop 2014, Mechelen (Belgium). Afterward, he was one of the three finalists of the TENSO Young Composers Award in Copenhagen (Denmark). He was selected to the ENOA Workshop “Composing for Voice” with Magnus Lindberg and Barbara Hannigan where he premieres his work “I could not think of thee as piecèd rot” for Soprano and Orchestra.Nuno da Rocha was one of the nominated composers for the TOTEM residency (Théâtre Opéra Texte et Écriture musicale) 2017-18, La Chartreuse – Festival d’Avignon (France). Currently, he is doing a PhD. programme at Royal Academy of Music, London (UK).