Monika Streitová


Monika Streitová, flutist, is a researcher of INET-md and Assistant Professor of the University of Évora, Portugal. She graduated from the Music and Performing Arts Academy of the Bratislava University, Slovakia, where she also completed her PhD at Contemporary Music Performance in 2005. Her current research interests are concentrated in the application of contemporary flute techniques. During her research she has been cooperating with composers R. Berger, J. Y. Bosseur, D. MacMouline, B. Schaffer, J. Guillou and J. P. Oliveira, and has premiered several of their works in most prestigious international contemporary music festivals. Beyond that she has given lectures in Universities UNIRIO (Rio de Janeiro), UNESP (São Paulo), New York University (Abu Dhabi), Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, University of Prag, University of Ostrava and University of Bratislava.

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