Miquel Bernat


Bernat received his musical education at the conservatories of Valencia, Madrid, Brussels and Rotterdam, and at the Aspen Summer Music Festival (USA). He was granted the “Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera” at the Conservatory of Madrid, the Special Prize for Percussion at the Dutch Gaudeamus Competition, the 2nd prize at the Aspen Nakamichi Competition and and he obtained the award for “researchers and Cultural Creators" of the 2016 BBVA Foundation for the promotion of the collection Marimba Concerto Studies. Being a musician of great versatility, he has played with the Orquesta Ciutat de Barcelona and with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, as well as in the contemporary music ensembles Ictus, Ictus Piano and Percussion Quartet, Trio Allures, Duo Contemporain, among others. As a soloist in numerous performances, he has premiered works by David del Puerto, Cesar Camarero, Javier Alvarez, Luis de Pablo, Mauricio Sotelo, Marlos Nobre and Joan Guinjoan. Formerly a professor at the Rotterdam and Brussels conservatories, he is currently engaged intensively in pedagogical activities at the “Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya” in Barcelona, and the “Escola Superior de Música do Porto” and “Aveiro University” (Portugal). In Porto, he founded the Drumming Grupo de Percussão.

Albums from Miquel Bernat