Jeffery Davis


Born in Canada in 1981, Jeffery Davis moved to Portugal in 1985. He studied at the Aveiro Music Conservatory and at the Espinho “Escola Profissional de Musica” where he studied with Miguel Bernal, Pedro Carneiro, Mario Teixeira, Joaquim Alves and Paulo Oliveira. He pursued his studies at the "Escola Superior de Musica e Artes do Espectaculo" in Porto. He performed when touring worldwide with the Drumming percussion group. In 2002, he began studying jazz vibraphone at the Berklee’s College of Music. He graduated with highest honors, considered by his teacher as one of the best musicians of the school. His exceptional musicality is rewarded by the IAJE (International Association for Jazz Education) . He won a lot of awards (Most Active Vibe Player Award and Dean of Curriculum award for academic excellence). Teacher at the “Escola Superior de Música” in Lisbon and at the “Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo” in Porto, he got involved in the transmission of the jazz music and its application to the vibraphone, so he naturally began to write a book on the vibraphone’s technique. Jeffery is also a classical music composer. It was in 2009 that his first album as leader, Haunted Gardens, is released. This album got the best critics.


Albums from Jeffery Davis