Guglielmo Ebreo


Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro (1420?-1484?) was a Jewish Italian dancer and dancing master at some of the most influential courts in Renaissance Italy, including Naples, Urbino, Milan, and Ferrara. Between October 1463 and May 1465, Guglielmo probably converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism and took the name Giovanni Ambrosio. He studied with Domenico da Piacenza (sometimes known as Domenico da Ferrara) in the 1440s. Around 1463, Guglielmo authored the treatise De pratica seu arte tripudii. In it, Guglielmo defends dancing as a noble art, emphasizing the important role of music. The treatise contains choreographies and music for thirty-six dances by Guglielmo and his contemporaries.

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