Franz Schubert


Franz Schubert was born in Vienna in 1797 and died in 1828, at the age of 31. He was a contemporary of Beethoven in Vienna, and like his master, who was twenty-seven years older, he represents the classical school of Haydn and Mozart carried forward into the opening of the “Romantic Period.” He wrote symphonies, sonatas, and string quartets, and developed a special talent for Lieder. Among other works are Symphony No. 9 in C Major ("The Great", 1828), Symphony in B Minor ("Unfinished", 1822), masses, and piano works. A succession of masterpieces marks the last year of his life. The only public concert Schubert gave took place on March 26, 1828. It was both artistically and financially a success, and the impecunious composer was at last able to buy himself a piano.


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