Francisco Benetó


Francisco Benetó Martínez (Villanueva de Castellón , Valencia, February 10, 1877 ~ Lisbon, June 15, 1945), was a Spanish violinist and composer. Although nowadays his name is quite unknown to the general public, Benetó was one of the most recognized violinists of his time, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. So much so that, after finishing his studies at the Valencia Conservatory, Pablo Sarasate himself, appreciating his qualities as a violinist, advised him at the age of eighteen to go to Paris, where he also recommended the maestro José White. Benetó became the first violin of the Colonne Symphony Orchestra, installed at the Théâtre du Châtelet . For unknown reasons, Benetó left Paris and with it his position, and went to Lisbon, where he went on to direct the Lisbon Chamber Music School of the National Conservatory. In the Portuguese capital he was then decorated with the order of Knight of Christ and with that of S. Tiago. In 1912 and for some time he also directed the sextet at the Lisbon Cinema Olympia, which, as was customary and very important in all silent film screenings of that time, was accompanied by music.

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