Filipe de Magalhães

de Magalhães

Filipe de Magalhães (1571?-1652) was a Portuguese composer of sacred polyphony. He studied music in Évora with Manuel Mendes, and he was a colleague of the equally renowned polyphonists Duarte Lobo and Manuel Cardoso. He was apparently considered by his master Manuel Mendes as his favourite student; the latter left his own manuscripts to Magalhães, in the hope that these would be eventually published. In 1589 Magalhães replaced Manuel Mendes as mestre do Claustro da Sé. Later, he went to Lisbon to become a member of the Royal Chapel's choir. In 1623 he was appointed Mestre da Capela Real, a position he held until 1641. While in Évora, he was the teacher of Estêvão Lopes Morago, Estêvão de Brito and Manuel Correia, who carried on with the music school of the Cathedral of Évora in the 16th and 17th centuries. No portrait of Magalhães has survived.