Eurico Carrapatoso


Eurico Carrapatoso (1962) is a Portuguese composer. His works have been performed across Europe and overseas. He graduated from the Porto University with a degree in History in 1985 and he was Assistant Professor of Social and Economic History at Portucalense University. He began his musical studies in 1985 with José Luís Borges Coelho. In 1987, he took the fugue examination under the supervision of Fernando Lapa and Cândido Lima at the Porto Conservatory of Music. In 1988, he began his composition studies at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa with Constança Capdeville. His final studies were with Jorge Peixinho from 1991-1993 at the National Conservatory. He has taught composition at several institutions. He has received commissions from numerous institutions, in Portugal and abroad, and he was distinguished with several awards, such as the 1st edition of Lopes-Graça Prize and the 1st edition of Francisco de Lacerda Prize.

Albums from Eurico Carrapatoso