Ensemble Darcos


Ensemble Darcos was created in 2002 by composer and conductor Nuno Côrte-Real with the aim of interpreting European chamber music and his own compositions. The group’s permanent members, Filipe Quaresma (cello), Gaël Rassaert (violin), Helder Marques (piano) and Reyes Gallardo (viola), are regularly joined by leading international musicians, such as cellist Mats Lidström, violinists Massimo Spadano, Giulio Plotino and Junko Naito, pianist António Rosado, violist Ana Bela Chaves and the percussionist Miquel Bernat. Ensemble Darcos has performed at Magnus Hall and St John’s Smith Square and is a regular participant at the Dias da Música Festival. Recordings include Volupia comprising chamber music by Côrte-Real (Numérica, 2012), Mirror of the Soul (Odradek, 2016), Lagarto Pintado (Artway, 2019), Agora Muda Tudo (Odradek, 2019), Cante (Odradek, 2020) and Time Stands Still (Artway, 2020).

Albums from Ensemble Darcos