Eli Camargo Jr.

Camargo Jr.

Eli Camargo Júnior was born in São Vicente, State of São Paulo, Brazil, in 1956. He studied classical guitar with Henrique Pinto and participated in seminars with Abel Carlevaro and, in Lisbon, he carried out a two-year internship in Virtuosism and Portuguese Contemporary Music. He studied Choral and Orchestral Conducting in various seminars and intensive courses in Brazil, Portugal and Spain, and performed concerts with choirs and instrumental groups for several years. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Classical Guitar from the Faculty of Music of Santos, Brazil, a Bachelor's and a Degree in Composition from the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, a PhD in Composition from the University of Évora.  He taught at the Faculty of Music of Santos, at various Regional Conservatories in Portugal, at the Instituto Piaget de Almada. Since 1999 he has been a professor at the National Conservatory, in Lisbon.

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