Capella Patriarchal


Founded in 2006 and having given a number of concerts in Portugal, Spain and Germany, this ensemble’s primary goal is to reveal the treasures of Portuguese sacred music. It frequently performs unpublished music, taking special care in the necessary research into musical sources beforehand, as well as making a particular effort to observe the performance practices of different periods. The presence of the organ allows not only the performance of works in which the instrument has an obbligato or basso continuo part, but also earlier repertoire, according to the tradition of vocal polyphony accompanied by the organ or other instruments. Capella Patriarchal made CD recordings of the Responsories for Maundy Thursday and the Ferial Mass by Fernando de Almeida (1620?-1660), as well as of the Responsories for Good Friday by José Marques e Silva (1782-1837). These were the first recordings fully dedicated to those composers.

Albums from Capella Patriarchal