Camerata de Sopros Silva Dionísio

Camerata de Sopros
Silva Dionísio

It is one of the resident ensembles of Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and it was created to fulfill an empty space in the area of chamber music for medium size wind groups. The name of Silva Dionísio appears as deserved tribute to one of the most distinguished conductors in that field, a former rincipal director of Banda Sinfónica da GNR for several years and responsible for the training courses of conductors for civil bands of INATEL. Founded in 2009, the Camerata made its international debut in 2013, participating in the V Congreso Iberoamericano de Compositores, Directores y Arregladores de Bandas Sinfónicas y Ensembles, in lliria, Spain. Its repertoire focuses on the reference works for these wind ensembles, seeking a wide variety of musical languages, representing different music styles and genres.

Albums from Camerata de Sopros Silva Dionísio