Beatriz Maia


Soprano Beatriz Maia began her studies in 2012, at the Coimbra Conservatory of Music, with Isabel Melo e Silva. She concluded her Bachelor and Master of Music Education at the University of Aveiro, under the guidance of Isabel Alcobia. She was awarded prizes at several competitions: Konzert mit Orchester in Meisterkurs Bel Canto (2018), I Concurso de Música de Câmara NEMu, Concurso de Câmara CulturXis, I & II Concurso Internacional de Música Cidade de Almada. She has been expanding her technical and musical studies with João Paulo Santos, Pierre Mak, Helen Lawson, Ulrike Sonntag, Margarida Natividade, Brian MacKay, Doreen DeFeis, James Hooper, Marina Pacheco, Rafaela Albuquerque, Paulo Ferreira and Evelyn Schörkhuber.

Albums from Beatriz Maia