António Leal Moreira

Leal Moreira

António Leal Moreira (1758-1819) was a Portuguese Classical composer and organist, who studied with João de Sousa Carvalho. He composed a large number of operas, most of which were premiered in Lisbon; much of the rest of his output is sacred, though he composed a handful of symphonies as well. His theatrical and sacred works were strongly influenced by the style of Giovanni Paisiello and Domenico Cimarosa. In 1793, Moreira became the first musical director of the new São Carlos Theatre. In 1799 he left the direction of the São Carlos to Marcos Portugal and Francesco Federici. The following year he contributed to the production "pasticcio" Il disertore francese, which was staged at the Carignano Theatre in Turin and the La Scala Theatre in Milan. No portrait of him has survived.