António Correia Braga

Correia Braga

Little is known about António Correia Braga. He served as music teacher and choir conductor at the Seminary of São Pedro and São Paulo, Portugal. He composed works for pipe organ of which only one Battle of the 6th tone survives, which has gained worldwide popularity, inserted in the repertoire of early organ music. This work was transmitted in an important musical codex of 1695 called Livro de obras de Orgaõ, which also includes works by other important authors such as Diogo de Alvarado, Pedro de Araújo, Domingos de São José, José Leite da Costa, Diogo da Conceição, João de Cristo and Agostinho da Cruz. This book is currently in the Municipal Public Library of Porto. Probably born around 1650, he died in 1704.

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