Ângela Lopes


Ângela Graça da Silva Lopes was born in Ovar, Portugal, 1972. She completed, in 1997, the Baccalaureate in Composition in the class of Cândido Lima, at ESMAE, Oporto. During her academic studies Ângela Lopes worked with Álvaro Salazar and Virgílio Melo (electroacoustic music) and Filipe Pires (orchestration). In 2004 she began her PhD at the University of Aveiro, under the orientation of João Pedro Oliveira and co-orientation of Mario Mary (from the Paris University VII). Ângela Lopes has composed pieces for several formations. In 2003, Ângela Lopes collaborated with the Pé de Vento Theatre on the music for the play O poço by Manuel António Pina. The spectacle was presented in 2008 at the Vilarinha Theatre. In 2004 her piece Canção de Izis was published in the Literature, Music and Visual Arts Magazine Águas furtadas.

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