Alonso de Alba

de Alba

Alonso (Pérez) de Alba was a Spanish composer of the Renaissance, active during the reign of los Reyes Católicos. All the religious compositions that have been preserved by this composer are listed in the manuscript Tarazona, Archivo Capitular de la Catedral, ms. 2/3, which probably comes from Seville. In them he appears named Alonso Dalba, Alonso Dalva, Alonso de Alva or Alonso Pérez Dalva. There are of the characters that can be identified with this composer: the first is Alonso de Alva, who in 1503 was nominated as conductor of the chapel in the Cathedral of Seville, succeeding Francisco de la Torre. The second of them is Alonso de Alba, who appears in the records of the royal chapel of the Castellana court; in 1497 he appears as chaplain of the chapel of the Isabel la Católica reign. Later, in 1501, he appears as "capellan sacristán", an office that he maintained until the death of the queen in 1504. From 1512 to 1519 he served in the chapel with the title of "capellán and sacristán mayor". He finally died on August 14, 1522.

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